Robert B. Chase
P.O. Box 631
Ellenwood GA, 30294


To work in the Information Technology Department of an industry leading company where decisive thinking and dedication to total customer satisfaction is acknowledged and rewarded. Seeking an ethically responsible company that understands that its employees and customers are more than just commodities. They are integral parts of the design for success.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: / Feb 03-Jan 06 –Webmaster / Systems Administrator
Worked as a Webmaster and Systems Administrator for the largest importer of Swedish antiques in the United States. Provided desktop level support to all company owned desktop/laptop systems and printers. Provided configuration and administration support to company mail and web servers. Responsible for the complete redesign of the company website. Provided 24/7 on call services for any desktop or server issue within the company.

XS International Inc. Dec 02 to Feb 03 -Certified SGI Support Engineer
Worked as a software/hardware engineer for the largest reseller of pre owned SGI hardware in the world. Wrote custom software used for diagnostic testing of hardware functionality in Perl to catch node board and other system problems before they were deployed into the field. Wrote custom software that automated the drive duplication process on a large drive array to save hours of labor in the production department installing individual operating systems. Did detailed analysis of core dumps for hardware diagnostic purposes. Provided training and information for Production Technicians as well as other Engineers within the company. Worked with sales department for assistance in selling service contracts and assistance in system configurations for hardware quotes. Provided on phone troubleshooting for onsite engineers and customers installing large system and installing the IRIX operating system. Setup and tested large multi processor systems for customer deployment and worked with onsite installation of supercomputer class systems. Provided onsite hardware replacement for support contract customer’s 7x24.

Silicon Graphics Computer Systems (SGI) Nov 00 to Jul 02 -Support Engineer

Worked as a System Support Engineer providing 24/7 support to Enterprise level SGI customers and internal systems. Provided back line support to system administrators of SGI Origin/Onyx supercomputers inside and outside the company. Experienced working with government and military customers in highly secure sites. Assisted Customers with system tuning to meet their high performance computing needs. Provided core dump analysis services to internal and external customers often involving “experimental” customer code written in several languages. Worked with customer systems in security related problems where systems had been compromised and assisted in diagnosing never seen before exploits. Worked with several systems on the supercomputer list on a daily basis including the #3 fastest system on the list. Provided monitoring to several systems during customer acceptance such as SARA in the Netherlands.

BellSouth Aug 00 to Nov 00 -Project Manager / Database Administrator.

Worked as a project manager for BellSouth Corporation managing an external vendor providing web development. Responsible for the design deployment and maintenance of a Vendor tracking database, which provided reporting information regarding the location and status of work files from the Vendors. This database also provides tracking of the quality control and problems with the work done offsite. This application provided the Project Manager at the other firm with real data he was able to approach his design team with and ultimately improve their production quality and relationship with Bellsouth.

CNN Interactive May-00 to July-00 -Application Support Engineer
Provided support to several in house custom applications that allowed the day-to-day publishing of the website. Worked with the Web farm, Development and Network Operations teams to correct issues with servers and software issues. Also provided desktop level hardware and software support for users with technical difficulties.

Helios Medical Aug-99 to May-00 -Systems Administrator
Responsible for the Administration of the companies Dell Poweredge servers running Red Hat Linux 6.1. Supported companies WAN and AppleTalk networks as well as all printers onsite. Administrator of WAN and LAN mail systems and several automated mailing lists. Managed the transition between an external mail provider and internal sendmail server with zero downtime. Created Intranet Site from the ground up starting with an Apache web server then adding functionality such as a technical support ticket tracking database and an employee listing. Created a Mirror server for running Sun Solaris.

Mindspring Enterprises Dec 98 to Aug-99 -Technical Support Representative
Assisted callers to the technical support center with the configuration of their Mindspring provided software. Provided troubleshooting data to the Network Operations Center for internal and external servers. Provided internal technical assistance for representatives needing help with Macintosh and Linux calls.

Premier Web Designs Nov 96 to Dec 98 -Sales Manager / Project Manager
Consulted with clients regarding the design and organization of their sites and did initial sales calls. Provided HTML education for on-site clients. Assisted the Development team with various coding projects as well as bringing customer’s concepts and ideas into reality. Managed the workflow of projects and acted as a contact for customers and development team.

Phoenix Computing Solutions Nov 96 to Dec 98 -Upgrade Engineer

Provided upgrade information for AS400 and System 36 Midrange mainframes. Upgrades included program versions for RISC AS400's and Y2K compliance. Assisted with the installation of companies new AS400 and the migration off of the existing System 36. Managed dismantling and disposal of old machine.


-UNIX System Administrator Silicon Graphics Computer Systems 2001
-UNIX Network Administrator Silicon Graphics Computer Systems 2001
-UNIX Advanced System Administrator Silicon Graphics Computer Systems 2001
-CXFS (Clustered XFS file system for SAN Storage Area Network) Administrator Silicon Graphics Computer Systems 2002
-Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook Training done onsite at XS International by New Horizons Learning Center 2003

-X86 PC desktop and notebooks
-Mac G3, G4, G5, X86 based desktop and notebooks
-SGI Desktop hardware Indy, O2, Octane,
-SGI Supercomputer Class Hardware Onyx, and Origin 2000, 3000
-Cray J90, T3D, C90 Supercomputers
-IBM System 36, AS400 and RS6000 Systems
-Sun Midrange and High end Systems
-DLT Tape Robots and Silo’s
-TP9100 and TP9400 RAID arrays.
-Ciprico Raid Fabric Raid hardware.
-Storage Area Network design and deployment

Operating Systems
-Microsoft Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
-Linux (Suse, Redhat, Turbolinux, Mklinux, Linux PPC)
-BSD Variants
-Sun Solaris (2.51-Current)
-SGI IRIX (5.2.x-Current)
-MacOS (6.x-Current)

-C, Korn, and Bash shell scripting
-Perl, C++
-GCC Compiler, IRIX MIPS Pro Compilers
-Legato Networker
-Sendmail, Bind, Apache
-Netscape Enterprise Web Server
-Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, ASP

Analytical Skills
-Core dump analysis
-Forensic analysis of crashed systems
-System and kernel tuning
-Load and capacity analysis
-Hardware diagnostics and troubleshooting
-Software bug troubleshooting and tracking
-Network troubleshooting
-Network Security Analysis
-Business process analysis

-Adobe PhotoShop Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Image Ready
-Macromedia Dream weaver
-Quark Express
-Doculex Discovery Cracker
-Microsoft Word, Excel, Project, Access, Outlook, and Visio

Clayton State College 1992-1994
Dekalb Technical Institute 1994-1996
Certification: UNIX Systems Administrator 2001
Certification: UNIX Network Administrator 2001
Certification: UNIX Advanced Systems Administrator 2001
Certification: Clustered XFS File system Administrator 2001
Training: Microsoft Office Suite 2003

I have worked with systems both extremely large and small with a myriad of different operating systems. I believe that one never stops learning and I actively learn new technologies that can provide my employer the best solutions for their business needs. My background provides me the vision to adapt to new environments and situations quickly while providing superior service. Having worked with such a wide range of hardware and software gives me the ability to “see outside of the box” and adapt solutions that solve problems in other environments to current problems.